Olympic Games Painting

Olympic Games Painting.

This painting was commissioned by Bill Morris, Director of Ceremonies, Education and Live Sites. The painting was intended to mark and celebrate the achievements of the LOCOG team who are responsible for delivering the Olympic Games. The painting is based on a drawing of the Olympic site, made on location on the 14th floor of a block of flats South East of the Olympic Site.

The painting uses a pictorial narrative structure that I have used before, where a group of figures on scaffolding are superimposed onto a cityscape view. The individual characters are fairly close depictions of individuals in the 2012 LOCPG team. They include Danny Boyle and Sebastion Coe, and 19 other people who have a diverse range of responsibilities.

The team will deliver the London 2012 Ceremonies including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the Torch Relays. Victory Ceremonies and Team Welcome Ceremonies are also part of Bill Morris’s remit, as are the Education team producing the Get Set education programme and LOCOG’s contribution to International Inspiration. His team also includes LOCOG’s leadership of the London 2012 Live Sites network.



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