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Frank Creber is one of the core artists at Bromley by Bow Centre, together with his wife Margy they formed part of a pioneering team who founded the Centre back in the early eighties. Frank has continued to be at the Centre since then and has fulfilled a number of roles in that time, as project manager developing ‘Bob’s park, handing over to Vanessa Barker in the early nineties. Frank also developed the early stages of the Arts and Health work that was a key aspect that made the Centre nationally famous in the nineties. Frank also worked on some of the early micro enterprises in arts and crafts, and has continued in the last fifteen years leading two arts enterprises for young people and people with learning disabilities. Frank was also Creative Director for the Centre and led on the development of the community arts programme.

The Bromley by Bow Centre is an innovative community organisation in East London. Working in one of the most deprived wards in the UK, each week we support families, young people and adults of all ages to learn new skills, improve their health and wellbeing, find employment and develop the confidence to achieve their goals and transform their lives. At the core of the Centre’s thinking is our belief in people and their capacity to achieve amazing things.

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