Conduit 2010

Venue: Formans Smokehouse Gallery, London April 2010


Frank Creber, Nick Creber, Sheenagh McKinlay, Paula Haughney, Maria Alvarez Echenique, Eva Bachmann, Murude Mehmet, Margy Creber, Sam Marsh, Alex Blake, James Trimmer, Caroline Holden-Hotopf, Mark O’Rourke, Ann-Marie Fairbrother, Lydia Gardner, Theo Creber, Ben Smithers, Soren Mayes, Chris Warmington, Yvonne Coughlan, Chris Wheeler

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Conduit Exhibition – Artists’ biographies

Frank Creber :- Creative Director at Bromley By Bow Centre, Frank Creber has been making a series of paintings since 2006 as the ‘Water City Artist’ which explore the connections between, community, individuals and the neighbourhoods they live in.

Nick Creber :- has been part of community life at Bromley By Bow all his life, he has been very active supporting the Water City Arts Festival, he teaches at the Centre, he lives and works as an artist in Fish Island. He says:-”my paintings are partly about repetition, familiar objects and characters re-appear throughout my work, in doing so they develop characters and personalities. By being repetitive with imagery, I allow myself space to improvise with the paint, colour and mark making” .

Sheenagh McKinlay:- A resident artist at Bromley by Bow Centre, Sheenagh runs her stained glass business from her studio at the Centre. She also runs workshops with different community groups. Sheenagh is a stained glass maker working with salvaged painted glass shards, and more recently with antique lantern slides. The composite panels she has made to date are not planned but emerge from the relationships the shards form when brought together and reconfigured about on the light box.

Paula Haughney:- A resident artist at the Bromley by Bow Centre, and runs the sculpture studio. She is perhaps best described as a natural object maker, who invests the influences she soaks up from myriad sources into the materials she works with. Paula has completed many public commissions including Homerton Hospital, St Katherine’s Dock, BP Brussels and Herne Bay Kent. Her current project is a large work in metal for Corpus Christi Church in Wokingham. Her work is often site-specific, helping to tell the story about a place and the people who use it.

Maria Alvarez Echenique:- Maria’s porcelain sculptures explore the relationship between nature and people, raising questions concerning humanity´s role within the natural world, whilst also aiming to instil a sense of wonder. She has also been delivering accessible and enjoyable visual arts and craft activities at the Bromley by Bow Centre during the last six years, and collaborated with different primary, secondary and special needs schools in the UK and abroad.

Eva Bachmann:- Eva says:- ‘The key element of my photographic work is to compare and document how local cultures react to their built environment. For me, they mirror a certain collective view of a community. Hackney Wick has been undergoing a major transformation since the Olympic regeneration programme. I feel the urge to document the industrial landscape of this area before it disappears or is transformed into a new neighbourhood.’

Murude Mehmet:- A resident artist, Murude runs the pottery studio at the Bromley by Bow Centre. Her involvement with the Centre goes back over 10 years, and she runs a number of ceramics workshops and tutorials, both for members of the community and private clients.

Margy Creber:- Manages the Children Centre at Bromley By Bow, she brings the creativity of the artist to this role, connecting local families into many opportunities. Her paintings are often inhabited by one or two simple pieces of furniture, that have become very familiar to the Artist through constant and repetitive observation.

Sam Marsh:- Has worked on the Water City Festival, with a string of prestigious art awards from Japan and the UK, graduating from Brighton University with a First in Fine Art Painting in 2008, Sam exhibits a triptych shown at the recent solo show ‘We All Want The Swamp!’ held in the grade 1 listed Octagon chapel located in the heart of Bath.

Alex Blake:- “Through repetition and variation my work seeks to explore the both limiting and limitless possibilities of non-objective painting today. I am interested in the combining of authority and freedom in Painting.” Alex has been involved in the Water City Arts Festival events.

James Trimmer:- lives and works in fish island. James Trimmer draws and paints animals, giving them human identities he creates anthropomorphic monsters, always hinting at the animalistic tendencies of people and societies.

Caroline Holden-Hotopf :-Works as an illustrator and cartoonist on children’s books, poetry books, and Private Eye. Caroline illustrated Adrian Mole books by Sue Townsend, and ‘Danger God working overhead’. Caroline is working on backdrops for the Water City Arts Festival. She is currently working on re-imaging and recreating the stories behind the brasses in St.Martin the Fields. ‘Freeing the fish’ is a revealing and retelling of a dream. The original brass that holds this hidden story is to be found in Minster Church, Sheppey. Caroline is also working with Rober Planer on ‘Danny the Dolphin’ book.

Mark O’Rourke :- lives and works in Hackney, he has been running artworkshops at Bromley By Bow Centre and much of Mark’s work has been informed by extended periods of travel. most recently, a 3 yr period in Italy traveling from Calabria to the Veneto.

Ann-Marie Fairbrother :- Makes sculptural installations and works in various mediums. Her work often responds to the environment and seeks to involve the viewer in the artwork. She also works as an art tutor at Bromley By Bow Centre for the social enterprise, Arteast with adults with learning disabilities.

Lydia Gardner :- Since joining BBBC in 2002 as a freelance artist, Lydia went on to be Development Manager for the hub of creative social enterprises, rapidly expanding their portfolio and reach to London-wide. In 2008, Lydia joined Art Force as project coordinator and in 2009 took on a marketing role for Arteast, in support of developing creative skills for vulnerable adults. She continues to develop her private practice in painting. In Lydia’s recent paintings, she explores the personal journeys through life – the guiding lights, abstract cityscapes,

Theo Creber :-has been part of the community at Bromley By Bow all his life, Theo has a passion for Art and Photography, trained in Architecture at Cambridge, set up a design company with his friend Richard based on Fish Island, established the social enterprise which is lead by Lord Mawson, ‘One Church, One Hundred Uses’ onto a sustainable level. Is retraining as an Art teacher, Theo lives in Fish Island and works in a school in Tower Hamlets, he is exhibiting recent Photographs.

Ben Smithers :- has been assisting in the Water City Arts festival, with a background in graphic design; Ben’s work often begins with a pragmatic sense of purpose, this is evident when he uses old tester sheets from the print room. He then immerses the process in the idea of free form painting, which alters this structured imagery to created abstract forms giving tension to the work.

Soren Mayes :-A resident of Hackney Wick, Soren’s oil paintings are inspired by organic energy, the canal and copious cups of tea. This diptych is part of a series recently completed in the Signs of Life art studio, based at the Bromley By Bow Centre.

Chris Warmington :- is a conceptual artist, Since graduating in 1996 from Portsmouth & exhibiting internationally his practice has developed around a fluid set of ideas grown from engaging with life’s systems, Chris lives in Hackney and runs the ‘Signs Of Life’ youth arts project at Bromley By Bow Centre, recently managing a trip to Nicaragua for young people from Bromley By Bow. Chris is exhibiting recent pieces

Yvonne Coughlan :- Is the Practice Nurse at Bromley By Bow Health Centre and has been key in developing the innovative Arts and Health projects at Bromley By Bow. Yvonne says of her work:- I make relief and collaged surfaces that are abstract. I develop shape and form in the process of making my work. I take my cues from the contrast of urban and rural environment and use these cues to develop a visual discourse and to create an emotional subtext within my work.

Chris Wheeler :-The starting point for my most recent work concentrates on the concrete slab used in construction and the idea that with a foundation of a square concrete pad, any structure can be built on top. Inspired by experience on construction sites over the summer, I began sketching and photographing the buildings I was working

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