Thames Barrier


Thames Barrier 2012 oil on canvas 117 x 97 cms.


The painting presents two figures up close in the pictorial space, the arrangement  of the figures suggests there is a wider activity that extends outside the frame of the picture – a game or a dance. The Barrier park was designed and built in the Millenium year and it has clean lines, modernist architecture and geometric planting, the whole effect is uplifting and fresh. During the summer months the park is really busy with local families, there is a really well designed cafe designed in wood with uninterrupted glass walls – the subject of another painting I made at a similar time. The view of the Thames Barrier is one of the great features of the Park – these ‘fish – like’ structures house the novel rotating cylinders that were based on a small household appliance — a brass gas tap which could be found in most post-war houses in the UK. The barrier was designed by Rendel, Palmer and Tritton for the Greater London Council and tested at the Hydraulics Research Station, Wallingford.

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