View Tube


I have been invited to put up a selected group of paintings at the view tube –

The open containers offer a view directly onto the main stadium.

Frank Creber

Water City Artist

For six years Creber has been documenting the changing East End cityscape through drawings made on location. He is making paintings that step back from the process of observation, that are shaped by his desire to make imagery, which might express how individuals and communities understand themselves in relation to the place they live in.

Creber is committed to making works that explore a deeply urban affair between a new world created in the pursuit of progress and modernity and the community that it is setting out to serve.

A community whose optimism is by no means universal because they have seen before that the developers’ bulldozers can just as easily destroy the inner-city infrastructure geared to serving local needs.

He is Creative Director at Bromley by Bow Centre where he has been practicing as an artist for 25 years. In 2009 Frank Creber was appointed Director of Visual Arts for Water City Festival.

Water City Festival

The Water City Festival allows residents, school pupils and those who live and work in East London to experience making music and creating art as a part of the new metropolitan city emerging around them. The focus of the Festival is on practical activity and is driven by the theme “learning by doing” as professional musicians and artists, music college students and school pupils learn to perform and work together.

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