Walk the Time Line

We require volunteers to help us organise the Art events on the Saturday and Sunday, please contact us through this website if you are interested.


The Events that we need help with:

Friday 15th June Tracing the hidden Hackney Brook in clay footprints Ephemeral street art with Ann-Marie Fairbrother contact animafair@yahoo.co.uk to participate/volunteer and for more details.

Saturday 16th June:

Help create and walk The Time Line down the Lea Bridge Road with Frank Creber, we are creating a timeline 450 metres long, representing 4,500 million years since the Earth was formed. The line will be drawn/painted through the park leading to Lea bridge road. and we need Artists to help create the line and be there for the Saturday Afternoon to animate the time line by doing chalk drawings and helping local people to take part.

In the Old School House enclosure on Lea Bride Rd we will also be offering Cave Painting for young people, and we need volunteers to facilitate this. Contact Frank Creber frankcreber@gmail.com to help/volunteer.







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