Tower of London

The Aim of the project with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers is to Draw on site once a week for a number of months and include some of the following: Draw various sites within the Tower of London, including the ‘water-gate’ or Traitors Gate (links here to Water City).

  • Draw the front of the Fusiliers building
  • Complete drawings from the roof of the museum
  • Draw in the cell of Thomas Moore, assuming permission is given
  • To do some drawings/portraits of soldiers who are back in the Uk from active service
  • To visit and draw soldiers on training in the UK
  • To capture historical moments at the Tower
  • Draw the Ceremony of the Jews and Ceremony of the keys
  • Make some paintings from a selection these drawing



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    One Response to Tower of London

    1. FANTASTIC Frank. You take us to bits of the tower we have never seen before or show us familiar places in a new way. I LOVE your drawings especially. Any Exhibitions planned for you Tower works??? Or is it MOD Top Secret, huh.

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